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Titanium’s Properties

Titanium is a highly stable metal that isn’t impacted by corrosion. Its thermal expansion is half of stainless steel and a third of aluminium. The gravity of titanium is 60% of steel at 4.51 g/cm3. That is half of copper and 1.7 times the gravity of aluminum. This means it puts less of a burden on the building.Titanium's Atomic Structure

Shock resistant and durable, it also has excellent mechanical strength, making it one of the better core building materials on the market. In areas that are plagued with earthquakes or could experience violent movement, this is the choice building material. It also offers exceptional insulation in buildings and can reduce heating and cooling costs.

Cost of Titanium Engineering

Guggenheim Museum Bilbao and Cerritos Millennium Library were the first buildings to utilize Titanium panels. However, titanium isn’t cost effective for most projects. It costs nearly 10 times stainless steel and in most cases, would require a million dollar budget. It is also difficult to weld and the welds that are formed are not as neat as with other metals that can be used.

Additionally, it does have a higher tensile strength, but has lower elastic modulus than steel. This causes service level concerns with the metal. The only way for them to work in most settings is to shorten the span of beams and deepen them. Cutting the beams is also difficult.

In most cases, choosing stainless steel over titanium makes more sense when you compare the costs and the overall practicality of using this material.

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