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Whether you are building a home or a business, choosing the right material for its construction is perhaps the single most important decision that you make. With such a vast array of building materials available (both natural and man- made), the choices may seem overwhelming at best. When faced with so many different choices, it can be easy to overlook one of the simplest, sturdiest, and most cost effective building materials; timber.

Advantages of Timber Engineering

From the engineering standpoint, timber makes a great building material because its flexibility makes it able to accommodate heavy weight loads because it will bend to adjust. When placed vertically, timbers are extremely rigid and strong; perfect for weight bearing walls. The thermal efficiency of timber also allows you to make the walls thinner, giving you up to 10% more space in every room or hallway.

In addition to the extra space and thermal efficiency, timber provides excellent sound insulation. Because the quality and types of timber used in today’s construction involve using layers of different materials, the result is a thinner wall that insulates sounds much more efficiently.

The durability of timber has made it one of the most popular building materials throughout history. With the proper engineering, good design, and correct finishing, timber doesn’t require chemical treatment to make it long lasting. When you look at some of the most beautiful Victorian-era homes that are still standing, and structurally sound, after hundreds of years, it is proof that good engineering, combined with the proper materials, is an unbeatable combination. Even without treatment, timber is resistant to many things that cause other materials to fail, such as frost, heat, and corrosion.

In general, a home or business constructed of timber is a good investment. The initial cost of construction is very budget friendly and the building will have comparatively low maintenance and running expenses. The average life expectancy of a structure build from timber is 80 to 100 years (with many lasting much longer than that). When you integrate modern technology, such as air extraction, controlled ventilation, and even solar panels, you get a low-maintenance, cost efficient, and eco-friendly structure that will last well beyond your lifetime.

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