Structural Engineering

Choosing the right structural engineer for a project can make all of the difference on the final outcome. When you need work to be designed with your needs in mind, built to spec, and providing a final result that will last well into the future, you want to work with the best structural engineers possible. MJS Engineering in is a name that you can trust to deliver the best in structural engineering, combining the highest quality, safety, and utmost professionalism throughout the job.

The Right Approach to Every Project

At MJS we take a holistic view of any project right from the design phase. Because structural engineering needs to take into account environmental factors as well as the purpose of a structure, this approach allows us to provide the best solutions to our clients. Whatever you are looking for, we can find the right look and feel for you while providing the best, most efficient, and most resistant structure possible.

Design and Planning Right down to the Smallest Detail

Engineering projects that aren’t planned properly can suffer from skyrocketing costs as issues come up at different phases of the project. Our professional engineers aim to provide design and planning that covers the broadest scope possible. This helps to offset costs that might arise from unexpected setbacks, which are already considered throughout the initial consultation and proposal.

Structural Materials That Are Second to None

No matter what materials we’re working with, they’re always of the highest quality. Some common projects include concrete and the highest quality British steel, or even titanium and glass for architecturally designed structures. Materials are selected not only to enhance a project aesthetically, but to bring out the best properties of a structure as well. Working with low grade materials can save project costs, but when it comes to safety and longevity, we believe that the only the highest quality structural materials will do.

The Best Engineers in Their Fields

Our engineers draw on a wealth of experience in structural engineering, as well as in commercial architectural engineering. MJS Engineering is a firm that can cover you in all areas. No aspect of our design and implementation is carried out without considering the wider picture. At the end of the day we will provide a balance of stability, safety, and cutting edge modern aesthetics.

Choosing your structural engineer is one of the most critical decisions you will make on any construction project. When you choose MJS Engineering you choose renowned quality, which is delivered to you by some of the best minds in the industry.

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Examples of Our Structural Engineering Projects

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