About MJS Engineering

MJS Engineering is one of the leading full service engineering firms in the United Kingdom. Located in Hampshire with satellite operations in Dorset, Wiltshire, and London, MJS Engineering is able to provide wider coverage than most competing firms in our industry.

Ever since we opened for business we wanted to build a reputation as an engineering firm that offers real benefits over the competition. There are three areas of focus that have created us more business than we ever expected, as well as allowing us the kind of customer loyalty that every company strives for.

MJS Engineering has a commitment to:

  • Provide our clients with a full range of in house engineering services.
  • Offer the highest quality of work, while using the best materials available in Britain.
  • Cover a wider area of operations than the average engineering firm.

In engineering, it’s often the case that a firm will specialise in only one area of engineering. At MJS Engineering we have built up a talented workforce that has the skills, qualifications, and real industry experience to deliver in all disciplines of engineering. We cover industrial, agricultural, maritime, commercial, and structural engineering. We also manage all areas of the process in-house.

This means that when you choose MJS you will deal with only one company. This leaves little room for mistakes as everything from the CAD drawings, to prototyping and fabrication, all the way to the construction site is overseen and coordinated by our leading engineers. In the end you save money, and reduce the operational overhead required to deal with multiple contractors.

By covering such a wide range of services we knew that we would have to make quality a priority. No area could receive more attention than another, and our high standard of work would need to carry through every job, regardless of its scale.

That’s something that we’ve been able to achieve by hiring the right people, and working with only the best tools and materials. At MJS we use all of the latest methods of fabrication from laser cutting, to stamping, and even hardware insertion. Even with the best people and the best methods we would be nowhere without high quality materials. That’s why we choose to work with only the best British steel and alloys.

Because of our strategic location, we are able to provide full coverage to all of the English south. We can also work on projects all across the UK at request, making us one of the few local firms offering national coverage.

MJS Engineering offers the highest quality projects, with the best service in Britain. For your next project of any size, in any industry, covering any scope, talk to us and experience the difference that has made MJS Engineering one of England’s premier industrial engineering firms.
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