Marble Engineering

Marble Engineering

Many of the oldest buildings in the world stand as a testament that stone is one of the most reliable and stable of all building materials. Of all types of stone, one of the most beautiful and sought after is marble. Famous building such as the Taj Mahal and the Parthenon are examples of the beauty and durability of marble, as are many Roman and Greek sculptures. Buildings such as the Lincoln Memorial and the Washington Monument are more recent, but no less striking examples of this magnificent stone.Marble Engineering

With proper engineering, the uses of marble in construction are almost endless. The price, however, is somewhat limiting to most budgets. A metamorphic rock, marble can be found in a vast array of patterns and colours, some of which include variations of brown, red, and green, as well as many shades of white. The trace minerals that are trapped in the stone give it the characteristic veining and flecking that make it one of the more popular building materials.

Common uses for marble engineering

In modern society the most common uses for marble are in flooring or countertops, but it can also be used in many more innovative ways. Since it is somewhat softer than quartz, or granite, it can be cut into very thin slabs and given a translucent look through the use of backlighting. In this way, many people can use marble to enhance the overall appearance of their home or business without the expense of flooring an entire structure.

Marble can be found throughout the world and is quarried in blocks for building, as well as being cut into thin slabs for architectural cladding, flooring, and countertops. Because of its structural stability it can easily span long distances while still providing a stable expanse if the proper engineering techniques are employed.

Different types of marble are used for different purposes in construction and for areas that will receive a high amount of use, such as floors, Dolomite marbles are used. While it can stain, wear, or scratch over time, the endless uses and the timeless beauty of marble will ensure that it remains one of the most elegant building materials to be found.

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