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Industrial engineering well and truly covers an incredibly diverse and challenging landscape. Industrial engineering is also an extremely dynamic field, in that it is constantly changing as a result of new technologies which surface almost on a daily basis. With such a steady influx of new technology, industrial engineers are constantly pushing back the boundaries and exploring new frontiers. It’s hardly surprising then that industrial engineering is the single most dominant part of our business. From state of the art milking sheds, large commercial grain mills, and even futuristic pharmaceutical factory designs, industrial engineering is quite simply an area of expertise which the world cannot do without.

MJS Engineering is certainly no stranger in this fascinating side of the industry, and today we are proud of the fact we have, over the years, built a reputation of being one of the most trusted industrial engineering companies, not only in England, but in the entire United Kingdom. The difference between us and many of our competitors all stems not only from our designs and fabrications, but also from the way in which we integrate these into the final structure. From initial design, all the way through to sourcing materials and final completion, at MJS Engineering, quality is never compromised.

Industrial engineering & CAD design

In today’s world, the designing of industrial structures is almost exclusively carried out with the use of sophisticated CAD software. Thanks to advanced 3D modelling, we are nowadays able design even the most complex industrial structures with an CAD Industrial Engineering Project Design 2astonishing degree of precision, in line with exacting specifications. Once these 3D designs have been completed, even a completely “non-technical” person/client is able to view and inspect a structure in its entirety before any real life fabricating work begins.

Attention to detail during the design process doesn’t only benefit the client. Instead, it also plays a crucial role in making it possible for engineering projects to flow smoothly, from the moment fabrication work starts, all the way the final completion. Using this advanced design method means that there are no surprises along the way because everything has already been accounted for.

We use highly experienced industrial engineers

At MJS Engineering, our highly experienced engineers and our modern fabrication plants are able to provide our clients with high quality prefabricated structures that meet measurement requirements down to the most fractional tolerances. Our ever growing list of clients also have peace of mind knowing that when they use MJS for their industrial engineering needs, all engineering work is carried out and completed in house. We don’t believe in outsourcing to subcontractors. This includes everything, from initial consultation and design, all the way through to the final build.

Because we take complete and absolute control over the entire fabrication process, we are in turn able to guarantee total compatibility with regards to the original design plans. Having total control also allows us to maintain and guarantee an exceptionally high level of quality during a build.

When we do have to contract work out to a third party, such as in the case where we need to acquire very large industrial steel pieces, we only deal with reputable British steel manufacturers who have constantly demonstrated the same sort of commitment to precision and excellence as we ourselves do. Anything less is simply unacceptable to us and our much valued clients.

Policy for one of our master engineers to be present on site at all times on industrial engineering projects

Another strong point with MJS Engineering can be seen during the implementation of designs in the final build. Our strict and consistent company policies call for one of our master engineers to be present on a site at all times in order to oversee and consult throughout the construction process. By contrast, many other industrial engineering companies simply send someone out to inspect a project at various stages of construction.

Potential partners are carefully screened for suitability for a given industrial engineering project

MJS is also meticulous when it comes to choosing construction partners. Potential partners are carefully screened and selected based on their portfolios of successful projects, and in the vast majority of cases, preference is given to those companies which have already worked alongside MJS Engineering in the past. In short, MJS Engineering takes your projects just as seriously as you do.

Compliance with all government industrial engineering-related safety regulations

Everything we do is delivered in accordance with our original specifications which were determined and agreed upon in order to meet your exact needs. Everything will not only meet your own needs, but also our own exacting standards.

Furthermore, all aspects, from initial design, all the way through to final completion, is carried out in compliance with any and all government safety regulations.

Count on us for industrial engineering

No matter what sort of industrial engineering needs you have, you can count on us to not only meet your expectations, but also to exceed your expectations. You can rest assured knowing that no other engineering company in Britain is better equipped than we are for delivering an exceptionally high standard of work. No other engineering firm is able to use better materials than we do either, because we already use the best available materials. We also have some of the most experienced and most highly train engineers working for us, not to mention a glittering portfolio of hugely successful industrial engineering projects completed all across the country. Whatever your needs and whatever your requirements, MJS Engineering has the solutions.

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