Photo of a Steel Staircase with Stainless Steel Handrail and Laminated Glass Panels

Glass Staircase: Exceptional Choice For Your Business!

Glass Staircase: Set Your Business Apart From Your Competitors!

In the business world, you need to do things that set you apart from the competition. Imagine the mystery and intrigue your business would have if a glass staircase took visitors to a second level. This elegant staircase would give an incredible visual illusion in the room and will draw people into the mystery of where it goes. That makes it one of the smartest architectural choices you can make. Of course, there are other reasons to go this route.

Unlike concrete and wood that require routine maintenance to maintain their appeal, the glass panels on the staircase won’t draw in contaminants. The natural shine and beauty of the staircase can even be handled with a quick spritz of glass cleaner and some buffing. Your glass staircase will look like new. All without having to varnish and strip wood, or re-coat a concrete staircase.

Stainless Steel Framed Staircase with Glass Stairs and Panels

Another great thing about a glass staircase in your business, is that you don’t have to stress over whether or not it will tie into the theme. While wood and concrete staircases are limiting, a glass staircase works for all décor types. It can shine in a minimalistic room, add to the edge in a modern room, or remain a focal piece of elegance in a more sophisticated office setting. Since glass can be etched, you can even add to the overall impact it has.

Since these glass panels are designed to be long lasting, you also won’t have to worry about them breaking down in a few years. After all this isn’t the same as the glass panels you put in your windows. This is thick sections of glass that are designed to withhold a great deal of weight and usage. Pests, corrosion, won’t impact them and even the surrounding environment won’t make them warp or crack like wooden and concrete stairs. That means you can have quality, durability, and visually stunning staircase that will last you for years to come.

Take the “steps” to have your business stand out, and consider adding a glass staircase to it using a skilled architectural engineer in Nottingham area. You can choose from several incredible designs that will help to set your office apart from others in the industry. Best of all, you’ll have a visually stunning piece that you’ll enjoy climbing when you come into work.

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