This Photo shows a residential engineering project using a Frame less Glass Balustrade Balcony with High Quality Toughened Glass By MJS Engineeringg

The overall first impression of your office or building is important to you. Particularly if you are a high end business, you want to make a great first impression. Having some type of architectural anomaly or an architectural aspect of your building that is unusual will make a big impression on your clients. One of the best ways to accomplish that is to use the glass balustrade.

This is a very uncommon building inclusion and the presence of a glass balustrade in your building will be one portion of the overall building that truly stands out as exceptional to those who view it. Don’t be surprised if you get multiple comments on just this portion of your interior design. In many cases, people will want to know where you got it, how you achieved it and definitely they are going to ask you who designed it.

Modern architectural design relies heavily on energy efficiency, clean looks, and cutting edge technologies. MJS Engineering is a firm that has been on the cutting edge of industrial engineering since we first opened for business. One of the largest areas of growth for us in recent years has been in the aesthetically breathtaking, yet highly functional frameless glass balustrade.

Frameless glass balustrades have become very popular for the sleek, contemporary look that they lend to many offices buildings and entertainment venues. The sheer, stark lines of these balustrades can be left unadorned for a more modern look or softened with such decorations as tinting or etching. Office buildings and high rises are not the only structures that can benefit from the use of frameless glass balustrades however, they have also become quite popular in residential structures.

Popular for surrounding balconies or decks, glass balustrades offer all the safety measures of a traditional balustrade, with a touch of elegance that belies its true purpose. For use on balconies, it allows a panoramic view of the surroundings that simply cannot be matched with a balustrade made from more traditional materials. In homes, while it still creates a partition, a glass balustrade will give any area an open, airy feeling that is not only welcoming, but relaxing.

Frameless glass balustrades have also been found to be very useful in certain industrial settings where they are used in the same manner as a traditional balustrade such as stainless steel. Glass balustrades, unlike stainless steel, don’t hinder visibility. In most industrial settings it is very important to have an unobstructed view of some areas and glass permits maximum visibility while still maintaining a safe working environment.

Achieving the correct design and look of a frameless balustrade takes some keen engineering know how. With the use of a CAD system, our designers are able to work to create the best solution for each particular project while staying within specifications. Special care and attention are always a priority with any design because any mistake here will create problems when it comes to installation, and there’s an important step in between that we excel at too…

Fabricating a frameless glass balustrade is perhaps the most important step in the entire process.The fabrication of frameless glass balustrades will make all the difference between a perfectly implemented design, and one that is either poorly fitted, or is completely unsuitable and needs to be re-fabricated. Being expert fabricators in all areas of industrial engineering, you can rest assured that MJS engineering has the tools and expertise to deliver balustrades that not only fit, but fit and stand perfectly in whatever application you’re using them for.

Glass balustrades make perfect additions to open plan, modern homes when used as staircase railings, on open mezzanine floors, or even on balconies and terraces. Commercial properties and multipurpose industrial buildings will also find placement of frameless glass balustrades useful in creating clean and modern looks, that also meet up to the stringent safety standards required on these types of sites.

All of our balustrades are fabricated using high quality aluminium or stainless steel channels that work to secure the glass panels. The glass is safety glazed and can come in a variety of types to meet your aesthetic requirements. Tinted, coloured, or even Smart Glass could be an option on your next project. While the idea of using glass plates in place of a more typical material for balustrades seems unsafe, the construction and fabrication of these balustrades makes them as safe as any other material.

There are very few materials which can give you the extreme beauty of glass, along with all the utilitarian features of materials like stainless steel. This could be why frameless glass balustrades are becoming more popular in a wide variety of settings and applications. The uses of this type of balustrade are nearly endless and due to the wide variety of designs they can be made to fit in almost any area.

Whenever you’re looking for standout architectural features, MJS Engineering in Hampshire is the partner that you can trust. Our highly efficient and stable designs, along with our exacting fabrication and meticulous installations have built us a reputation as one of England’s premier full service engineering firms.

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