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Structural Fabrications to be used in Structural Engineering & Architectural Engineering Projects

Structural fabrications are without question a key element when it comes to the engineering side of any sort of modern day engineering project. At MJS Engineering we don’t just take care of engineering projects on a large scale, but instead, we are also able to apply our unrivalled knowledge and expertise to high precision structural fabrications that meet the exact needs of our clients.

Unlike many other engineering companies operating in the United Kingdom, MJS Engineering offers an extensive range of services which have been specifically designed to meet the exact needs of our clients. Our highly trained engineers and technicians are available to design and fabricate your projects from a range of premium grade materials, regardless of how big or how small a project might be. In short, we set the trend when it comes to structural fabrications!


In stark contrast to many other fabricators, MJS Engineering offers a definite advantage, in that we don’t only specialise in structural fabrications, but rather, we are also a comprehensive engineering firm. This essentially means that whatever fabrication project we’re working on, we are able to ensure that all of our structural fabrications meet specific standards, and that each of them are without question the very best choice in relation to your chosen application.Steel Barn Structural Fabrications by MJS Engineering

At MJS Engineering, we don’t employ fabricators based only on their academic qualifications. Instead, we look for qualified people who also have an abundance of hands-on, industry specific experience. All of our fabricators have several years of experience with regards to structural fabrications, whether it be in sheet metal fabrication, custom steel ducting, or anything in between.

By bringing their experience to the table, our clients can sleep peacefully at night, safe in the knowledge that they can count on getting the highest possible quality; a level of quality that both meets and exceeds their needs.


No matter how skilled and experienced your workers are, if low-grade materials are used for structural fabrications, one cannot expect a good end result. You may be able to save a bit of money initially, but in the long run you will end up spending more money in order to carry out repairs which could essentially have been avoided. To this end, we guarantee that any material that is agreed upon for your final product will be the highest quality possible.

Steel Barn Structure 03In so doing, our clients end up with completed projects that offer superior resistance to deterioration in addition to providing extraordinary strength and longevity. Furthermore, our dedicated team of specialists will work with you every step of the way in order to ensure that your projects are carried out and completed within your predetermined budget. Regardless of what sort of structural fabrications we carry out, if it involves the use of steel, MJS Engineering will always source and use only the very best “British” made steel.


At MJS Engineering we specialise in practically all types of structural fabrication, regardless of size or complexity. We are also industry leaders in the field when it comes to tailoring and customising our approach to suit the exact needs of our clients. This is true, regardless of how big or how small a fabrication project is.

Typically, when we undertake a project, it usually begins with a concept which is derived from a full blueprint. With that having been said, many of the structural fabrication projects we undertake are born from a simple idea and perhaps a sketch or two given to us by our clients.A Core Building Materials in Engineering: Fabricated Steel Beams and Bars

Wherever you are at the planning stage of a fabrication project, or even if you are only contemplating a project, MJS Engineering is able to assist you with prototyping in order to produce a viable model even before full fabrication work gets underway.

We offer metal structural fabrications to cater for all needs, including but not limited to the following:

  • Stamping
  • Forming
  • Laser Cutting ( including other types of metal cutting depending on the purpose of your product)
  • Welding ( including spot welding where appropriate )
  • Hardware Insertion
  • Sheet Metal Fabrication
  • Painting
  • Assembly of a complete fabricated product.

With an unrivalled workforce in terms of hands-on experience, coupled with our stringent quality control standards, MJS Engineering can guarantee every one of our clients a smooth and trouble free experience, starting from the concept stage, all the way through to the completion stage of any and all structural fabrications.

Nowhere else in the United Kingdom will you find a more competent and reputable engineering company. Leveraging many years of experience in a wide range of engineering disciplines, our structural fabrication jobs are undertaken in line with our longstanding tradition of providing clients with remarkable workmanship and superior quality for which we have become so well known.

No matter what sort of structural fabrications you require, or how developed your concept is, you can rely on MJS Engineering to deliver an end result which exceeds your needs, while at the same time allowing you to operate within your budget.

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