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Engineered Glass Staircases: An Introduction

Engineered Glass Staircases: An Introduction

Most often a staircase is seen as just another utilitarian feature of a building. With a little vision however, it can make a powerful statement that transforms the entire structure. Think of the grand staircases that were prevalent in Civil War era mansions of the South. They were more than a means of getting from one floor to another. They were showcases that enhanced their surroundings and lent a sense of drama to the entire building. Given the tools and technology available at the time, those staircases were an amazing example of architectural engineering at its best.

Stainless Steel Framed Staircase with Glass Stairs and PanelsIn the past, wood was the most common element when it came to staircases and it is still very popular today. A well-crafted wooden staircase can be a work of art in itself, but as more contemporary designs became popular it often didn’t fit well with its surroundings. For those who wanted a more modern look, stone staircases were an option, but the price was often a deterrent. Modern technology has introduced architectural elements that were unavailable until recent years; elements such as glass.

As recently as a few decades ago, engineered glass staircases were all but unheard of, but in the last 10 years the use of glass as an element in architectural engineering has become much more common. This is due in part to the huge innovations that have been made in the manufacturing process. These new manufacturing techniques have given consumers a wider choice of finishes and designs and elevated its use to a new level. Today, glass in being used in many of the most stunning architectural feats of our time. One of the most stunning uses of a glass staircase can be found at New York City’s Apple Store which quickly became a world-wide sensation. Since its construction, glass staircases have been in high demand and numerous variations can be seen around the world.

While most of us don’t need anything on a scale as grand as the Apple Store, engineered glass staircases can be designed in as many sizes and styles as their wooden counterparts; in fact, they’re perfect for smaller spaces. A glass staircase can take even the smallest or most common area and give it a sleek, airy, contemporary look. While glass may not be right in every scenario, with its style, durability, and sleek beauty, a glass staircase may be just the thing to add some extra flair to your personal space.

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