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What Do Your Business Premises and Commercial Engineering Say About Your Company?

Do you have the kind of commercial location that makes you stand out when clients and partners are visiting? What do your surroundings say about your company and your staff? Do you have up to date commercial engineering as part and parcel of your business premises? Outdated, drab office spaces can be as damaging to your business as poor service delivery. If you want to make the best impression, you will need to create welcoming and stylish interior spaces. With glass staircases, you can do exactly that.

Glass is a versatile architectural material that can offer a number of benefits. Not only is glass beautiful and modern, but it is also eco-friendly. As one of the few materials that can be continuously recycled and repurposed, it can speak volumes about your commitment to efficiency and the environment.

A glass staircase is immediately impressive, no matter what kind of space you’re working with. Whether you have a large open foyer with staircases connecting multiple floors, or a small commercial studio with a mezzanine space, a glass staircase will capture the attention of visitors.Glass-Balustrade-with-Stainless-Steel-Posts

With a combination of glass and steel, or glass and aluminium, you will be able to create a stunning staircase that increases light and makes smaller spaces feel larger. If you have an open plan office layout or commercial showroom, the use of a glass staircase will avoid breaking the line of site. This means that you could install a glass staircase in more prominent and convenient locations, where traditional staircases would look out of place.

When you want to make an impact with showpiece architectural staircases, you need a commercial engineering firm that is able to take your design ideas, and turn them into functional works that can beautify any space. MJS Commercial Engineering is headquartered in Hampshire, with satellite offices spread across the South Coast, including in London and Wiltshire. We will design, engineer, and fabricate glass staircases, balustrades, balconies and canopies, to create striking business locations that will get you noticed.

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