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About Our Architectural Engineering Services

Architectural engineering is sometimes referred to as building engineering and it applies the principles and technology of engineering to the design of buildings and other structures. In some cases the term architectural engineer is synonymous with architect, but not in every instance. While the architect and the architectural engineer can certainly be the same person, in many cases they are both part of a design team that plans all aspects of the structure being built.

The main difference between the architect and the architectural engineer is that the architect concentrates mainly on the appearance of the structure while the architectural engineer concentrates on making that structure function as it is intended to. Working together with the architect, they ensure that the building is structurally sound and find ways to integrate the building’s many systems, such as plumbing, HVAC, electrical, and lighting, into the architect’s design.

Architectural engineering is what allows some structures to have what seem like impossible designs and still remain stable. Using the tools and principles of engineering, the architectural engineer can suggest the most suitable materials, alter the design, or find innovative ways to make the grand design of a building or structure become a functional reality without sacrificing aesthetics.

Without architectural engineering, many of the well-known structures of today’s society would not exist. Architectural engineering is what makes it possible for skyscrapers to withstand the stress of shifting with high winds as well as other environmental factors. Depending on what area they are working in, choosing a suitable material to endure different atmospheric conditions while still keeping with the overall visions of the architect.

One of the most amazing feats of architectural engineering is also one of the oldest. The Roman Colosseum was begun between AD 70 and 72 and seated 50,000 people. At 620 x 530 feet, the fact that it is still standing today is an example of the true genius of Roman architects and engineers.

Ancient Egyptians also stand among the best engineers of their time. The Pyramids, along with many other monuments still standing, continue to baffle the engineers of today. How they were built with such limited technology remains a bit of a mystery, but they remain as a testament to true engineering genius.

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