If one looks at statistics regarding the population of Great Britain and also the rest of Europe, one will soon notice that it is increasing at a phenomenal rate. As a result of this immense growth, the agricultural engineering industry within the United Kingdom is booming, and while agricultural engineering might well be a relatively new discipline within this fascinating sector, it has proven to be a crucial element of Britain’s farming industry, with thousands of farmers around the country relying on modern cutting edge technology.

Agricultural Engineering 05 - Steel Barn Structure

Unlike many, MJS Engineering has been a major player in the field of agricultural engineering right from the very beginning. Today we are able to offer the most advanced agricultural solutions, coupled with unrivalled, “hands on” skills capable of delivering unprecedented results with regards to any and all agricultural projects.



As countless farmers have come to realise, agricultural engineering today is nothing like it was a few decades ago. With modern technology improving and advancing by the day, most of Britain’s agricultural engineering industries have intensified their operations dramatically. A perfect example of this advancement would be modern day dairy farms. These days’ dairy farms are producing significantly higher yields while at the same time enjoying much-reduced losses, and all because of new technology.

Agricultural Engineering 02 - Completed Steel Barn Structure 01

MJS Engineering can provide farmers with a wide range of services that include things such as:

  • Construction
  • Structural design
  • Drainage and irrigation systems
  • Soil conservation

It is important to remember that when it comes to things like constructing rural structures, there is no such thing as “one size fits all; there is no magic bullet, and any shortcuts taken along the way will inevitably lead to a disaster. Because of this, MSJ Engineering understands the importance of being able to customise and tailor agricultural engineering solutions to meet the exact needs of our clients.

From the moment we start an agricultural engineering project, to the time we complete it, MJS Engineering consults with some of Britain’s leading experts in the field before any final decisions are made, and before any work gets underway. From design to implementation, our team of experienced engineers leave no stone is left unturned.

Agricultural Engineering 02 - Steel Barn Structure 03It doesn’t matter if we are involved in the construction of industrialised granaries; massive glass and steel greenhouses; high-end agricultural processing plants, or even state of the art circular pen milking stations; MJS Engineering is able to provide our clients with a level of professionalism not found anywhere else in the United Kingdom. Our highly trained and motivated engineers have all the necessary qualifications; they have more than enough talent, and most importantly of all, they have a wealth of industry specific experience.
At MJS Engineering, our workforce has lived and breathed agricultural engineering for many years already, and this is why we are able to achieve such remarkable levels of success with each and every one of the projects we become involved with.


Regardless of how skilled and talented your workforce is, when it comes to agricultural engineering a high level of success can never be achieved if poor quality materials are used. You can employ some of the most experienced engineers and some of the most highly skilled labor, but if low-grade materials are used during construction, the end result is going to be a reflection of those poor choices.

To this end, MJS Engineering has implemented a number of policies in order to ensure that only the very best materials are sourced and used for the projects we undertake, regardless of how big or how small those projects might be. While we believe aesthetics is important, we also go to great lengths in order to ensure quality and functionality is never compromised.

Unlike many of our competitors, we only use the very best materials for all agricultural engineering projects, whether it is stainless steel for grain silos; reinforced concrete for commercial milking stations, or even natural timber for the construction of barns and warehouses. This is done so that you the client, can be sure that quality is always a top priority.Agricultural Engineering by MJS Engineering UK LTD

In addition to our exceedingly high-quality control standards, we also offer our clients professional advice and recommendations relating to the best choice of materials for a specific project, with the aim being to provide solutions that meet not only one’s engineering needs but also one’s budget. We realise the importance of functionality and reliability, but we also understand that businesses need to operate within their set budgets.

Millions of people complete their schooling and then move on to study engineering simply because it is such a fascinatingly diverse field. However, at MJS Engineering, we believe that agricultural engineering is the most exciting field of all because it incorporates such a wide range of individual disciplines.

We are driven by an unshakable passion, and we believe that it results in a standard of excellence which is hard to come by these days. If you are contemplating an agricultural engineering project to complement your current operations, give us a call and enjoy total peace of mind. Allow us to complete your next project so that it doesn’t only meet your expectations, but instead, it far exceeds your expectations.

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